Year 2

Developing Skills and Deepening Understanding…

Year 2 is all about developing confidence and fluency when reading, and depth and use of adventurous vocabulary when writing. Your child will begin to rely less and less on their phonics skills to read and write. So, in this section, we look at how you can develop comprehension skills in reading and recognise spelling patterns in writing. Much of the teaching in Year 2 will be around sentence structures, identifying word classes and how your child can make their writing more exciting. We will look at grammar, the jargon and why it is important to develop your child’s writing.


Eeeeek! Grammar! We take you step by step through all the jargon so you will know your adjectives from your adverbials and be able to help your child at home.

Cast A Spell


Can you help the Witch or Wizard find the missing letters to spell the words and cast a spell? A chance to practise spelling common exception words from memory.

Year 2 Spellings

As the words get longer and trickier, we look at ways you can help your child learn and use their spellings independently in their writing.

Ahoy Captain


Can you help the pirate escape the desert island and find the treasure? Just listen to what the pirate says and choose the correct word. This game will help your child practise the phase 5 vowel digraphs.