Your child becomes a reader and writer…

Beginning Reception is an exciting time and for most children it marks the beginning of more ‘formal’ schooling. We want to help you make sure they make the most of this crucial first year!

With the introduction of taught phonics sessions, tricky words and school reading books, you as a parent will be asked to support your child’s learning at home.

In this section we look at what your child’s teacher will be showing them in the classroom, how to support the development of your child’s phonics skills and how to share school books effectively at home.

Learning the Sounds

In this video we not only show you how to introduce and say the sounds, but give you ideas for games you can play with your child to support their learning.


We explain what blended sounds are, the terminology your child will hear at school and how you pronounce each correctly.

Match The Eggs


Can you help mother duck find her eggs and fill her nest? Listen to the sound and match the letters to complete the game! This game reinforces the links between sounds and their corresponding letters.

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