About Us


After years of teaching experience, working with families to help children learn to read and write, Clare Bristow wanted to develop a reliable resource which would ‘unlock’ the secrets of the classroom and help parents support their children at home.

Formerly an Advanced Skills Teacher and Lead Practitioner specialising in early literacy, Clare currently works as a part time Reception Teacher and freelance Education Consultant in the south of England. She also writes children’s reading books for a well-known publisher.

Clare is Mum to two energetic children, who keep her laughing (and loading the washing machine) everyday!

To develop the website she called on the help of two talented professionals…

The fabulous team at Space Five Creative are responsible for designing the branding, building the website and making the ideas within the website come to life!

A passionate music photographer, Tom Pratt, at Northwood photography worked with Clare to film the videos and capture the images you see on the website.

Together we have worked hard to create a space which you will find informative, fun and easy to use. If you are a professional working with young children and have ideas which you think could develop the website further we would like to hear from you!