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Reading and writing are key skills which your child will need in order to succeed at school and progress through life. Learning these skills is also the beginning of an exciting journey to becoming a fluent, life-long reader. We want your child to be someone who is confident to write their thoughts, enjoys books, loves stories and is curious about the world around them!

Designed by a specialist early years teacher, The Phonics Nest brings together all the resources you will need to understand the phonics jargon and help your child read and write words on their own. With explanatory videos, suggested activities, and web based games we will show you how phonics, along with play and beautiful books will help you to nurture a confident reader and writer at home!

Easy to follow Videos

We take you step by step through everything you need to know in order to accelerate your child’s learning at home. Broken down into key topics, each video explains the ‘teacher jargon’ and offers ideas to try at home.
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Online Phonics Games

Engaging games which allow your child to practise and develop the key skills they need to read and write whilst also having fun!

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“The Phonics Nest is a child-friendly toolbox, equipped with handy hints and games which make teaching my child to read seem a lot less daunting! Love it!”
Jess H
“This is great! It gives parents clarity and support at the touch of a button! My 3 year old loves exploring the site – but this is screen time I don’t have to feel guilty about!”
Gemma R
Parent & Teacher