What is Phonics?

Matching the letters we write to the sounds we hear

Phonics is a method of teaching children to read and write. It links the sounds we hear and speak to the letters we read and write.

Each word we say is made up of a group of sounds, put together in a particular order to make the unique word we hear. For example, pat and tap contain the same sounds, but in two different orders so they create two different words.

Children are taught to read by looking at the letters or groups or letters in words and saying the sounds they make. They apply the same skill in reverse to write, by breaking the words they hear into sounds and thinking about how these are written using letters.

The Phonics Dictionary

Confused by the jargon? Begoggled by the lingo? The Phonics Dictionary takes you, step by step, through all the teaching terminology you will need to unlock phonics!

Saying the Sounds

Do you want to help your child learn the sounds at home, but are not sure how to say them correctly? We show you how to introduce the sounds to your child and pronounce them correctly.