Year 1

Developing skills and confidence…

Year 1 is a key transition year for your child. Having learnt and practised the skills they need to read and write simple words, your child will now rapidly learn the new sounds they will need to read and write more complex words. They will also learn that some sounds are made in more than one way.

The videos in this section look at all these things and how you can continue to support your child at home when the phonics teaching at school becomes more complicated!

Many children also begin to bring spellings home at this stage and we will discuss tricks you can use at to help your child learn these at home!

Split Digraphs

‘Split digraphs’ may sound scary, but don’t worry! We explain what a split digraph is and how they are read and written in words.

Cast A Spell


Can you help the Witch or Wizard find the missing letters to spell the words and cast a spell? A chance to practise spelling common exception words from memory.

Year 1 Spellings

Has your child brought home their first spelling book? We give you tips and tricks to help them learn their spellings at home.

Year 1 Tricky Words

In this video we introduce the Year 1 tricky words, explain why they are tricky and suggest ways to help your child learn to how to read and write them with confidence.

Word Star


Listen to the tricky words and help the unicorn catch the correct star! A game to help your child recognise tricky words by sight.

Ahoy Captain


Can you help the pirate escape the desert island and find the treasure? Just listen to what the pirate says and choose the correct word. This game will help your child practise the phase 5 vowel digraphs.