Phonics and Writing

Becoming an independent writer…

Your child will need to be able to confidently use and apply their phonic knowledge to write as well as read. Writing is sometimes overlooked, but is equally as important as it is likely that phonics will allow your child to record their first ideas and start their journey to becoming a writer!

In this section we will explain how your child will be taught to write using phonics at school and the things you can do to support this at home. With videos offering ideas about how to further develop your child’s writing ideas and handwriting skills when they begin to record their thoughts!

Standard and Cursive

Standard or Cursive handwriting? We explain the difference between the two and how they are taught in the classroom so you can support your child to develop their handwriting at home.


We take you through each stage of your child’s handwriting journey, giving you tips to develop hand strength, letter formation and pencil grip at home.